Thursday, 7 February 2013

Week Ending 8th Feb

So we have had not much happen on the site this week, Monday they completed the concrete to the tiles and Tuesday-Friday only had some board and strips delivered for the eaves. We had 5 days of sunshine and almost zero work done to the house what a let down.

Also tried to call the SS a couple of times this week but straight to Voicemail, so no update now for 2 weeks from our SS.


  1. Hi J, sorry to hear not much work was done this week, I guess the wet weather delayed other jobs, which then pushes out them working on your place. The bricks and roof stage were quite slow for us too. Once the guttering, facia and eves were done and they started inside, things moved along quicker for us.

    Your house is looking great, very similar to ours. So it won't be too long til things move along a lot quicker. We also found if we didn't hear from the SS one week, we usually spoke to him the following week. I guess he has been extra busy this week, dealing with our issue! Anyway, rest assured he will ensure you have a quality build.

  2. Yeah Onewheel, i managed to finally get Joe on the phone on friday. The carpenter was out doing the top level eaves on Saturday, hopefully this week it goes a bit quicker, seems to have stalled when we were told it would be full throttle after christmas. I mentioned you to Joe, told im we communicate hear and there. Your place is looking really good, it must be very exciting, keep posting pics on your blog as i actually look at them to get a gauge for what is next for us :)

    Have a good one!