Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bricks Continued......

Okay so on Monday i had a meeting with Austral about the bricks, you can see in the pictures below that some are incredibly bent, i was shocked as to how this could happen. Explanation is that usually the bottom of the bricks from the oven are tossed away as they are sacrificial bricks, in our batch however someone didn't do there job. I informed the Austral representative that i was not happy with this, in fact i could clearly see some bent bricks already laid.

So after we talk i informed them that as far as i am concerned i don't build houses for a living BUT my SS does. I will support and follow what he recommends and also asked that all bricks wasted would be covered free from Austral. The disappointing thing is that we have seen 3 houses with this brick and it is and looks awesome, but trust us to get the wonky batch! To add ontop of this when visiting the site someone has open our fence at the back of the property and stolen all the concrete bags on the pallet in the back yard, bloody low lifes!

Anyways our SS on Monday afternoon marked our walls to identify the parts that would need to be knocked down and re-laid. Yesterday they were knocked down and today we have 5 brickies onsite working to at least get the first level done. Our SS did an excellent job because he identified the problem, he was not happy and in the end we are greatfull. We did lose 2 weeks of work time because of it through so we are behind what we throught would we would be by Christmas. Hopefully the cement wont be stolen or at least the brickies can take it with them offsite till they return after Christmas.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Issues with Bricks

We have hit our first hurdle on our build, i've been in contact with our site supervisor today and have been informed that Bricking has been halted on our site due to poor quality of the Austral bricks supplied. Our SS Joe was not happy with the bricks and had put a stop to any more work. It appears that the existing layed bricks will need to be removed and another batch re-delivered before bricking can continue.

While this is a little disappointing i am happy with what our SS has done, i am happy that our SS takes pride in our house build and it's a credit to Wisdom. I would prefer a house done right and looking great then one with imperfections. True professionalism at it's best, and gives us confidence that as the build progresses that other issues will be picked up and dealt with.

Good work Wisdom :)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

Had some rain the last few days in Sydney which has halted the progress of our bricking. Hopefully the skies will clear and work can continue. We thought that perhaps they would be at lock up stage by Christmas but will see. Waiting for the scaffolding to be delivered and erected but we have no timeframe on that.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bricking has started

The bricking has started on time as per what the SS told me last week. One guy there yesterday but have been told that there is 3 guys out there today so plenty more progress to happen today. So far looks good, really like this brick. Everything is going to plan and big pats on the back for our SS Joe, awesome stuff.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Frames Complete, Internal Plumbing Almost Done

Well the frames are finally done and the internal plumbing has also started and hopefully completed today before start of bricking tomorrow.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Frames done, Bricks Arrived, Laying next week

Just got a call from Joe, this guy is amazing. Frame is finished, bricks arrived today on site and bricking to start hopefully by Wednesday next week. Flying along.

More work on Frame and Electrical Box

More work has been done to the frame including the installation of the windows and door frames. Also the Electrical box has now been added to the side of the house in preparation.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

2nd Level work progressing

Carpenters were back today to finish the 2nd level and complete the 1st level. All that is left is the roof trusses, this will be done tomorrow as Wisdom Landscapes are coming out Wednesday to remove and level the soil in the back yard.

Photos below, only a couple as they were still there doing there work when the thunderstorms hit Sydney.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Frame is going up!

The frame has arrived and has started to be erected, the work is happening hard and fast. Had a meeting with Landscaping about the removal of soil from the back year to make it level. This work will happen on the Wednesday 28th November. As of yesterday 22/11/2012 the ground floor frame is almost complete with the remainder to be completed by next Tuesday.

Study with Built in

Entrance facing stairs to 1st level

Powder room

Home Theatre


Fridge area with wife opposite linen and laundry

Butlers Pantry

Lounge Room


Right side - powder room, home theatre





Rear wall facing backyard, lounge room

Monday, 19 November 2012

More Plumbing Work

Well another week and the plumbers have been out putting the rest of the external plumbing into place. As a matter of fact they were there till it was almost too dark to work anymore. More pictures attached but it is exciting to things happening on the site.