Sunday, 10 February 2013

Eaves Top Level

Update from the weekend, carpenter arrived on saturday to do the eaves on the top level of the house except for the areas were there is going to be weatherboard. Basically the following needs to be done before we get to lock up:

  • Weatherboard to be fixed to front, left and back of top level.
  • Eaves to be finished over the weatherboard area's.
  • Eaves and weatherboard to be painted.
  • Top level bricks to be cleaned.
  • Adjust the scafolding from top level.
  • Complete tiling and eaves for ground level roof areas.
  • Paint ground level eaves.

Hopefully once this is done the doors can be thrown on and the inside work can really progress. We really need to get this house finished in the next few months as we are now getting pressure from the bank due to our delays. Let's hope this week is more productive. Pictures are below of eaves on top level.

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