Sunday, 17 February 2013

Downpipes & Air Conditioning

So a visit to the site on Friday morning revealed that the PVC piping was removed and the plumbers back there putting the colourbond downpipes into place. A visit in the afternoon to the site showed that the Air Conditioning people had been onsite to install the air con ducting and return unit into the main roof. Only issue we have is that the air con guys put the ducting through exposed floorspace in the main bedroom and not to plan. I will need to speak to the SS to find out why as essentially we are losing 1sq ft of space out of the main bedroom as framework will need to be installed around it. It's good to see some things happening inside the building. Had a discussion with the SS on Friday who told em the following is planned for this week:

  • Painting of the eaves top level - Friday and Saturday - This has now been done as planned.
  • Removal of top level scaffolding - Monday - This is currently under way as i type this post.
  • Guttering and Facia lower levels to be installed - To be done tomorrow
  • Tiling lower levels - To be done this week.
I think that the electrician will also be there this week to start the rough in work. Hopefully we can get to lock up in the next week or two as we really want to get in ASAP. Below is some pictures from Fridays visit.

Below is the area were the tubing went in wrong, not sure why?

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