Tuesday, 2 October 2012

From the start till now!


This is a blog of our build of the Impressions 38 Mk III @ Middleton Grange with Wisdom Homes. We have been working on this now for about 11 months and in the final stages of the paperwork trail before actually moving to the build. Below is a brief summary of what has transpired:

28/6/11 - Contract signed for our lot at Middleton Rise

15/09/11 - Quotation sent
2/11/11 - Original Tender Acceptance
9/12/11 - First set of plans issued
12/1/12 - Final Tender Acceptance
17/2/12 - Advised that tender expiry was end of April, as land is not registered need to extend, please pay $3,000 to extend.
30/4/12 - Contract signedMay/Jun 12 - Colour selections etc done and signed.

4/7/12 - Land Registered and payment settled, we are now land owners.

9/7/12 - Plans lodge into council

12/7/12 - Waterboard Approval
13/8/12 - Advised we may have saline soil, please pay extra $3200 for slab and upgrade bricks (no need to as our selected brick is exposure grade - Thank God)
4/9/12 - Council Approval
13/9/12 - Advised that Di Lorenzo signed variation has not been received (Sent this back on 3/8/12) Even sent our documents to Wisdom BUT they must come from di lorenzo. Now we spend 2 weeks trying to get these documents so that we can pay for the variations, our file cannot proceed until this is sorted >:(
28/9/12 - Finally the paperwork arrives and we pay the money for Variations.

I'll do some quick posts around our colour selections shortly.

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