Thursday, 18 October 2012

Week 1 - Blocking and Waiting

It's been over a week since our file moved into estimating, we were advised that works should commence within the next 15 working days. Only thing onsite at the moment is the porta loo, we go past the lot twice a day so everyday is a lucky dip to see if anything has changed. Once they are up to the slab we will get a call from our site supervisor allocated to our build so looking forward to who we get, hopefully we get someone that will make our build enjoyable.

On another note i was browsing the forum and notice some people talking about blocking in the media alcoves. Wisdom confimed online that blocking was standard on the home theatre alcove but not for the remaining alcove's in there houses. I asked our admin person if we could add blocking to the leisure room and master bedroom alcove which they have put in as a variation without charging us the $1000 adjustment fee so very happy there.

If you want to hang TV's on any of the media alcoves you really need to think about this and get it in. In the meantime we sit back and wait for any type of work on our site to start.

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