Monday, 29 October 2012

Site Supervisor Introduction

So today while nothing has been done on the lot for about a week we have had a further development, we have a Site Supervisor. Joe called me today to introduce himself and to go through what is going to happen, we are still waiting for the site cut to happen which should be tomorrow before we start to get any indication on when the build will actually start. I am excited and happy, Why?, Because doing a search on the web with the words "Joe", "Site Supervisor" and "Wisdom Homes" brings up some very happy Wisdom customers talking about there site supervisor Joe who did a fantastic job and his old school approach.

If this is the same Joe then i am comforted with the fact that we have the best supervisor to look after our build which hopefully will make this whole build process easy. So hopefully site cut tomorrow or Thursday, would be good to see it happening, question is do i got to work tomorrow or do i go watch them break soil!

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