Thursday, 13 December 2012

Issues with Bricks

We have hit our first hurdle on our build, i've been in contact with our site supervisor today and have been informed that Bricking has been halted on our site due to poor quality of the Austral bricks supplied. Our SS Joe was not happy with the bricks and had put a stop to any more work. It appears that the existing layed bricks will need to be removed and another batch re-delivered before bricking can continue.

While this is a little disappointing i am happy with what our SS has done, i am happy that our SS takes pride in our house build and it's a credit to Wisdom. I would prefer a house done right and looking great then one with imperfections. True professionalism at it's best, and gives us confidence that as the build progresses that other issues will be picked up and dealt with.

Good work Wisdom :)

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