Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bricks Continued......

Okay so on Monday i had a meeting with Austral about the bricks, you can see in the pictures below that some are incredibly bent, i was shocked as to how this could happen. Explanation is that usually the bottom of the bricks from the oven are tossed away as they are sacrificial bricks, in our batch however someone didn't do there job. I informed the Austral representative that i was not happy with this, in fact i could clearly see some bent bricks already laid.

So after we talk i informed them that as far as i am concerned i don't build houses for a living BUT my SS does. I will support and follow what he recommends and also asked that all bricks wasted would be covered free from Austral. The disappointing thing is that we have seen 3 houses with this brick and it is and looks awesome, but trust us to get the wonky batch! To add ontop of this when visiting the site someone has open our fence at the back of the property and stolen all the concrete bags on the pallet in the back yard, bloody low lifes!

Anyways our SS on Monday afternoon marked our walls to identify the parts that would need to be knocked down and re-laid. Yesterday they were knocked down and today we have 5 brickies onsite working to at least get the first level done. Our SS did an excellent job because he identified the problem, he was not happy and in the end we are greatfull. We did lose 2 weeks of work time because of it through so we are behind what we throught would we would be by Christmas. Hopefully the cement wont be stolen or at least the brickies can take it with them offsite till they return after Christmas.


  1. That's great work by your SS J - shame it has delayed things but the main thing is that your house is built right. We are really happy with our bricks, can't see any fault but there were quite a few discarded during the bricking process. Hopefully they can get as much done before Xmas.

  2. Hi Onewheel,

    Yes they are going full ball at the moment, they will have the ground floor finished by Friday. Christmas break is coming but i'm sure that they will go fast after they come back. Thanks for the comment :)