Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lots or work has been done

So alot of work has been done since the last post, we have had most of the plumbing done, most of the painting done, tiling done, shower screens installed and electrical fitout complete. All that is left is the splashback installation, final painting to be done, carpet to home theatre to be laid. Hopefully we can get to final inspection soon. Below is the pictures from the last few days:


  1. House is looking great!!! Your colours are very similar to mine too. You must be close to PCI now.

  2. Hi Onewheel, yes very close now. PCI on 14th May and Handover on the 22nd. Very excited......

  3. The colours selected are awesome, we are planning on dark colours for our cabinetry too. Is that wardrobe fitting the standard one with WH prestige inclusions. It says a set of shelves and cupboards with hanging space all laminated and wanted to know if thats how it looks.